About Us

The "Kolo Patriotiv" project was founded in 2008. Its main goal is to unite Ukrainians around the ideas of independence, freedom and the European future of our country. Initially, the project developed as a social network. Today it is an information resource.

Ukraine begins with you - it is with this slogan that we urge Ukrainians not to be indifferent and to do everything for the independence of our country. And now - for the sake of victory over the ancient enemy, who is once again trying to destroy our nation.

Our goal now is to fight on the information front with fakes of Russian propaganda and to facilitate our victory over the occupier as soon as possible!

Our media holding includes two more projects:

Index of Ukrainian cinema.
The project was created to support the Ukrainian film industry and aims to become the largest database of the Ukrainian film industry.

Project about the development of Ukrainian show business.